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Beam Foto Club started from a desire to create an accessible space for anyone working in, or interested in working with all sorts of photography, film and alternative processes. Basically if you want to use a process where light is involved then that's what we’re here for.

Photography can sometimes be seen as a very exclusive and a stuffy part of creative practice and we want to change that. Our space may not be the shiniest or the most ‘look at my new expensive stuff’ around but we feel we have everything (almost) that you would need to explore a huge range of photographic techniques whatever your experience level.

We are primarily a community based around our facilities and equipment, making these accessible. As a member you will be able to book the spaces to use as you wish after an initial induction. Through our forum the Beam community will be available to offer support and advice on what chemicals you may need to bring, YouTube tutorials that we’ve found particularly helpful, handy guides and personal insights.

We are excited to learn and grow from our members too and become a true community organisation. Learning from each other and developing the space in a collaborative way.

Beam Foto Club isn't just for photos in a studio or darkroom printing (although we can do that) our ethos is to promote alternative photography practices and experimental techniques.

Processes that can and have been done at Beam include:
Digital and Analogue Studio Shoots
Artwork Documentation
Digital and Analogue Filming
Analogue film editing (16mm)
Analogue film transfer
B&W Film developing (all types)
B&W darkroom printing
Coffee/Caffenol and other alternative developing
Lumen Printing
Pinhole Cameras
Paper Negatives

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